Ministry of Finance – Galmudug State, Somalia

Acts , Regulations and

Instructions in Somali


PFM Regulations

Organizational structure

BCS for Budgeting

Year-end Budget Procedures

Budget Execution Procedures

Cash Management and Banking

Accounting and Reporting


Procurement Policy

Capital Asset Policy

Financial Document Handling


Revenue Regulations

Amendment of Schedules

Nidaamka Dahkliga 1

Nidaamka Dahkliga 2

Nidaamka Dahkliga 3

Nidaamka Dahkliga 4

Nidaamka Dahkliga 5

Nidaamka Dahkliga 6

Nidaamka Dahkliga 7

Nidaamka Dahkliga 8

Nidaamka Dahkliga 9



Instr # 1 – Appeals

Instr # 2 – Collection Agents

Instr # 3 – Exemptions

Instr # 4 – Classifications of Businesses

Instr # 5 – PIT

Instr # 6 – Markets

Instr # 7 – Resource Licences

Instr # 8 – Schedule of Dues

Instr # 9 – Publication of Forms

Instr # 10 – Khat and Cigarettes



Sharciga Dakhli Ururinta

Sharciga Lagu dhisay Wasaaradda Maaliyadda (An-act Estblished MOF)

Sharciga Maamulka Maaliyadda Dadweynaha

Warqadda Baarlamanka ee Ansixinta Miisaniyadda 2018

Xeer Madaxweyne No272018 Ansixinta Shurucda MOF _ Budget 2018



Inst_A_Delegation of Authorities_GSS

Inst_B_Fiscal Impact Analysis GSS

Inst_C_The Use of the Bisan FMIS BPM and RMS systems_GSS

Inst_D_Forms to be Used for Budget Execution_GSS_v8_SOM

Inst_E_Understanding Budget Realloc Control Donor Exemp_GSS

Inst_F_Managing Capital Assets_GSS_v4_SOM

Inst_H_Annual Plan_GSS

Inst_I_Bank Accounts Procedures Manual_GSS

Inst_J_Accounting for Donor Funding_GSS_v3_SOM

Instruction G Budget cycle GSS