Ministry of Finance Galmudug

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The Ministry of Finance, acting under the authority of the Galmudug State [Council of Ministers], is responsible for the overall financial management of the Galmudug State Budget and other financial affairs and for the budgets under the responsibility of the regions, which together form the Galmudug State Consolidated Budget.

  • Develop the Galmudug State Consolidated Budget and present this budget to the [Council of Ministers] for approval and adoption by [Decree] by the Galmudug State;
  • Ensure that the budgets of the regions are developed, approved and executed by [the regions] in a manner consistent with assessed macroeconomic conditions and with the Galmudug State Consolidated Budget;
  • Record and report to the [Council of Ministers] on expenditures and revenues of the Galmudug State Consolidated Budget;
  • Arrange for the establishment of an information technology environment to support the financial management information system and functions; and,
  • Perform any other functions necessary for the execution of the above-mentioned activities.